Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frequently asked questions

What about Privacy?
There is none! Everyone can read your Blog, this is the nature of Blogs in general.
Suggestions: You can remain anonymous by choosing a Generic Name for the Blog and hide your user profile if you wish.
Keep in mind the type of Posts you make and use discretion in mentioning names/places etc. Copyright issues and intellectual content also apply to Blogs.

How do I Register?
Use the link to the online registration form down the side panel of this blog.
It also includes a Blog registration.
Use the CUT and PASTE method to put your URL into your registration form .

How does this online learning program work?
This is a self-discovery program which encourages staff to take control of their own learning and to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration and play.
Staff are encouraged to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques and "how to's" both in person and through their blogs.

How do I track my progress?
Each staff member that chooses to participate in this program will be required to keep a blog to track their own progress.
Basically you will make regular posts to your Blog about what you are learning, likes dislikes etc. noting each week and addressing each 'Thing'!
An Staff tracking log (on Google Docs) will be kept where your progress will be recorded.

Can I work ahead through the list of items on my own?
Learning 2.0 is a self-pace discovery program. Staff are encouraged to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration, but also to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques and "how to's" both in person and through their blogs. Staff can also work ahead through the exercises if they wish.

What if I need help
Support and assistance will always be available.

  • Lynette Lewis from Yarra Plenty Regional Library is our facilitator.

You may email Lynette or call her and you will receive a reply by COB the following business day. Lynette Lewis Phone: 9401 0764 email:

Weekly Workshops and Tutorials

  • Lynette will be available every Thursday afternoon providing one-on-one assistance and also giving a 1hour tutorial on the topic for the week.
  • Mark Showalter and Leanne Easey will also be providing two alternative tutorials on the topic for the week for staff unavailable on Thursdays.
  • Staff can book a place in the weekly tutorials on the online booking sheets available on the shared g drive G:\Information Services\Training\2007 Bookings\Learning 2.0 workshops and tutorials

Additional Support

  • Staff requiring further assistance should also speak to their team leader and seek advice from the staff member in their team who completed the program as part of the Group 1, the team mentor.
How long do I have to complete this program?
The program begins on Monday 1st October and ends on Friday 30th November.

Leave and absences for October and November during the program
The support structures as outlined will be available to help staff continue through the program if they are absent for any periods during the nine weeks.
The facilitation by Yarra Plenty Library concludes 30th November and there will be no tutorials or workshops scheduled after this date.
However, the blog and the program will remain live on the web for anyone to continue and finish the program independently beyond November 30th.